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Meeting great people

I slept great last night. Totally secure and peaceful.

Ira suggested that I start trying to get pictures of people I come across. So I started today.

The route to Grants was awesome. Most of the road was a four lane frontage road with minimal traffic. I first met Andreas Kudler from Austria. He was riding Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. It was great to exchange information about the route. He had some serious problems with dogs in Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. He had a large bite mark on his calf. I told him about some closures that he could get through.

I met a family, Andy, Natalie, Dresden and Ellington. They saw my business card and patch I left in the Painted Desert Trading Post. They told me that just a little bit earlier they were talking about possibly seeing me, and there I was. They were traveling back to their residence in St. Louis via Route 66. They pulled over and spoke with me for awhile and provided me apples. Talk about perfect timing I was starting to get hunger pains. Those apples were great. I am so grateful to be meeting generous and giving individuals.

It was supposed to rain so I am staying the night at the Sands Hotel in Grants. The walk was 19 miles today.

Joaquin said I needed to make sure I try some Mexican food while in New Mexico. I went to the top rated restaurant in Grants, El Cafecito which happened to be close to the Hotel. I had a nice meal.

I am working on feet tonight and reorganizing my cart. I may end up staying one more day depending on weather and my feet.

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