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Most boring day.

Today was probably the most boring day I have had so far on this journey. I didn’t sleep well behind the Tuff Sheds. The gas station was pretty busy and a lot of trucks were stopping for a short time in front of the sheds.

I got started with breakfast of coffee and apple sauce. The day was boring as the whole walk was on I-40. I made it 26 miles to a rest stop. A sign says no camping, but I will improvise. I have 18 miles to go until I am in Winslow.

A few things I noticed as I walked today; the truck drivers are generally very courteous. If possible most of the trucks change lanes to avoid being next to me.

A lot of truckers going the other way we’re blowing their horns at me. I am flying my blue lives matter flag proudly.

There is a lot of people drinking alcohol on the freeway. I am amazed at how many beer cans and liquor bottles were on the side of the road.

Where I walked today it was pretty flat and nothing to look at.

I had to walk 26 miles to find any services. Those services were a vending machine at the rest stop.

It is going to be a nice night tonight. A low of 53.

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