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On to Seligman

A great day. I walked 25 miles today to Seligman.

This morning when I left the Grand Canyon Caverns, I met a couple from Australia who were on a five week holiday. They know how to vacation. We exchanged stories about our adventures. Another follower on Facebook.

Walking out of breakfast, I met Terry who was driving my dream car. A 1952 MG. He was driving from Alaska to Phoenix. I would have given up walking if he said he would sell the car. No luck this time.

It was amazing, the first view of my trip was a 17 mile straight stretch to Seligman. During the walk, I met a construction crew working on a bridge barrier. The flag man asked if I had enough water and if I wanted more to grab some out of the ice chest. I was ok on water, but one nice ice cold bottle was what I wanted. It was delicious.

I made it into Seligman and met a couple painting messages on the hotel I was going to stay at. The couple, Jacqueline and Richard were very complimentary toward my adventure. Jacqueline took a picture with me and suggested some places to eat. She then gave me a card of the Virgin Mary. Long story, but synchronicity as I am reading a book about the Virgin Mary and several conversations about her with different people.

I went to one of their suggestions, Roadkill cafe and had chicken that didn’t make it across the road.

I am in the Marilyn Monroe room. Cute hotel, Deluxe Inn.

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