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Onto Amarillo

I just realized that yesterday it has been two months on the road. Time is flying.

I had a great breakfast with Mike, Patty, Aunt Judy and Grant. Mike and Patty contributed to the SMPOA Widow and Orphans Fund. I am up to $188.00. It was fantastic to see them in Santa Fe.

After breakfast I had two more packages delivered; one from my niece Danielle - more electrolytes. Thank you. And my third pair of shoes. Getting close to a 1,000 miles.

As I was leaving the Post Office, Delphine handed me some lovely sugar cookies. They were very tasty and didn’t last long.

Walking today was awesome as I was wearing the bone conduction headphones that Maury got me. It was nice as I could hear both the music and traffic.

I walked 15 miles today and am camping at the Rancheros de Santa Fe. Tomorrow is a 19 mile trek on a dirt road to Rowe, NM.

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