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Peace Field, Nice Find

I made it to Love’s Truck Stop near Claude TX. Total distance today, 28 miles. It was relatively uneventful day. It started of with Jonas from Discount Tires checking the air pressure on my cart. Good to go.

I saw my first AWAC plane in person. They were doing touch and go at a local airport. I had only seen them in pictures or movies. Pretty cool looking.

I stopped by Peace Fields. It was actually pretty cool. An accidental find. It is a mixture of peace messages, support for the troops and pro-religion. A lot of references to John Lennon. I walked around for quite awhile. It definitely was a pleasant find and worth making a stop if you are driving Route 66.

The scenery was pretty flat. I was excited as my cart weighs too much. I need to eat some food that is in the cart. Especially the tons of licorice I have.

I picked up another grasshopper at the Peace Field. The grasshopper is still on my cart at the truck stop. Curious to see if he will be there in the morning.

Spending the night here at the truck stop. Looks like they have a nice grassy area behind the truck parking.

Tomorrow somewhere between Groom and Alanreed.

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