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People are good

So last night I did my post from Braums while I was finishing my ice cream. I decided I was going to take care of my blisters and reserved a hotel room a few miles away. After I was done, the most awesome thing happened. Luis and Angela came up to me and were worried about me and wanted to make sure I had a place to sleep. They wanted to help out if they could. I let them know I was appreciative of their assistance and that I had secured a hotel room for tonight. They were so gracious and concerned. I love it. People are good.

I am currently in Love’s truck stop for a couple of hours. The ground was really hot and my feet felt like they were burning. I am going to wait for the sun to come down and walk about 8 more miles to another truck stop and bed down. That will make it 26 miles today.

The walk today was very nice. A little warm and humid, but not bad. One thing I think is awesome is when someone passes me and makes a u-turn to come back and check on me. Today that happened when Kareena drove by me and came back. She asked if she could transport me to Love’s Truck Stop. My cart would not be able to fit in her car. She wanted to check and make sure I was ok. She also gave me directions to the other truck stop that was up ahead. I did not know that one was there. She was very helpful and caring.

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