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Proud of my son

Today was a day of blessings. It started with picking up some packages at the post office. A retired partner, Ramona Messina sent me some homemade jerky. Already had some. Awesome flavor. My niece, Dom Danielle Quintero sent me some thin blue line stickers and other stickers. Danielle’s friend from Blue Angel of Hope sent me a thin blue line flag. Maury Sumlin was sending me some SMPOA hats and surprised me with things I needed. Take a look at the picture to see everything. Wow. I am so blessed with loving people in my life. I also had two pairs of shoes delivered.

I took Uber everywhere today. Since I am halfway on my journey I had a blood test just to see how I am doing. It was great as I was speaking to one of the drivers, Richard, he does a podcast and asked me to be a guest. We are going to talk about the positive interactions with people on my journey.

I had an incredible lunch at Mother Road Market that was near the hospital. It is place that has numerous restaurants and shops inside. The food options were incredible. I saw a place that had garlic knots and had to try some. Those are my favorite things from having my restaurant a long time ago.

I am so proud of my son, Dustin Trisler as he has just moved to Santa Fe to start his Master’s program at St. John’s College. Today he had an interview at a restaurant, Osteria D’Assisi for a server and bartender job. He started work tonight. It is great as the restaurant is about a half mile from his apartment. What a boy.

Tomorrow is another day of relaxation. Working on my blisters still.

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