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Rain today

I made it to Dandridge, TN. 30 mile walk today.

Leaving Knoxville this morning it started to rain. It is a nice change of pace as the weather was a little cooler and the rain felt good. I love the smell of a first rain. Today’s walk it actually rained on four separate occasions. It was really nice.

As I was walking through Burlington (East Knoxville) I met Terri and Maxine. They asked me what I was doing. In our conversation I learned that Terri is helping revitalize her community by refurbishing some buildings to bring in new businesses and a community center. It was a pleasure and honor to see Terri working to make her community better.

During my walk a truck pulled over and Cindy got out to say hello. Cindy is mentioned in my June 1 post when I was in Kingman AZ. Her and her husband, Lloyd were in the lobby of the Quality Inn when I checked in. They said a prayer for me on my journey. What are the odds of seeing Cindy again on this journey. She happened to be visiting a friend, Virginia who lives in the area. How awesome.

I am on my way to Newport, TN tomorrow.

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