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Rainy Day

Today was a very nice day. I made it to Hindsville, AR. It was 21 miles today. I am currently sleeping next to the Hindsville Rural Fire Department.

The day started with a lot of rain. I was able to attend church at the Faith Assembly of God. It was a great sermon on identifying the evil and defeating him. I had numerous people come up before the service started and said, “glad you could join us today”. I love the way that they greeted each other during the service. The choir was singing and everyone got out of the pews and walked all around the church. It lasted for a good five minutes. I think I met everyone in the church.

The rain kept on coming and stopped after about two hours. I started to go into Subway to get out of the rain. A gentleman drove up next to me and handed me a plastic bag. I asked if I could take his picture. He said, “No”.

Inside the plastic bag was a bible, a letter and $5.00. What a great package to give to people. I love that he wanted to stay anonymous. Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, Matthew 6:3.

The walk was very nice as the road had a very large shoulder. I made it to my location during the dark. I will have two or three more days where there will not be any hotels available. Not to good as the humidity was at 84% today. I am soaked tonight.

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