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Rural Tennessee

I walked from Lebanon to Hermitage, 20 miles. The walk was simply beautiful, quiet and dangerous. The walk took me through a route that was mostly rural residential.

The day started off with Annemarie dropping me off outside of Lebanon near a Waffle House. I stopped in and had breakfast. I was wearing my shirt Fred designed. An off-duty Captain from Tennessee Highway Patrol came up to me and asked what I was doing. He offered his assistance while I was in Tennessee. Nice to know that is available. Great gift.

I took an Uber into Lebanon and started walking back toward Nashville. I would end up near where I left off the other day.

I took quite a few pictures of the walk. Most of the area did not have shoulders at all. I had a few irate drivers not returning the customary wave.

When I made it to my destination, I took the train back into Nashville.

I received a picture of my dad and uncle wearing the shirt Fred designed. Pretty cool.

I had a great night out listening to music on Broadway. I ate too much food and had too much dessert. The music around here is incredible.

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