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Sadly leaving the hospitality of the Simoneau’s.

It was an interesting day. I left Bob and Martha’s house this morning knowing I wouldn’t be back there tonight. It was so awesome to meet an incredible and giving couple. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing war stories from Bob. I can’t say enough about their hospitality and giving during my stay. Thank you Kelly for making this happen.

Bob dropped me off where Martha picked me up last night. It was going to be a relative short day today. I only had to walk 12 miles to get to Flagstaff. Once in Flagstaff I went to REI to pick up a few needed supplies. I walked around the old town of Flagstaff and thought I would like to stay another day and explore.

I went to the post office and picked up two packages. The first was a care package from Alex and Stella Padilla. Just what I needed: blister kit, GU, apple sauce, sunflower seeds and black licorice. What a gift. Thank you.

My next package was a new pair of shoes I ordered. I am at 500 miles in this journey and time for some new shoes. Old shoes are being sent home.

I walked and had Chinese food and then found a sports bar where I am watching the Dodgers and Angels play.

All I can say is that tonight’s accommodations are not 1/10 of what I have enjoyed the last four nights. I will miss Williams, AZ.

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