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Sadly said goodbye to friends.

I made it 25 miles today. I am between Wellston and Warwick.

The day started off a little rough. I had my first breakdown on my cart. The pin holding my front wheel on snapped. The front tire came off completely. I set up my pull harness and started walking. It wasn’t as good as pushing because the cart was bouncing back and forth. I called Mike and he came and got my broken part and went to a local bicycle store. He returned with the part I was needing. After a short delay, I went with Mike and Trudy to lunch. We ate at a Mediterranean restaurant. The food was awesome. I sadly said goodbye to Mike and Trudy. I am totally grateful for their hospitality this weekend.

I walked on Route 66 and soon learned that it was very busy. A lot of people take this road to circumvent the toll road on I-44. However, the walk was beautiful. There were some unbelievable sections of the road. The scenery was incredible.

Leaving Edmond, I passed Quincy and Robert. They were working on the road and shoulder of Route 66. Quincy asked if I needed water. Absolutely. They gave me two bottles of water.

The road was beautiful, but in a lot of sections there was not a shoulder. Edmond Officer Tant pulled up next to me to check on me. He had received a radio call that someone was concerned about me. After some pleasant conversations, I gave him a challenge coin. And he gave me one in return. He was a really nice officer.

I stopped for a drink at Pop’s. It is a pretty cool place that has all types of soda. It was incredibly busy as they have a restaurant and store.

When I was about a mile from the town of Luther, I heard Richard Martin call out to me from his house. He asked if I wanted any water. “Absolutely”, I said. His daughter, Tiggin went into the house with my water container and filled it with ice and water. The water here is very good and refreshing. Richard was awesome as he was explaining to his daughters (also Rorie) about what I was doing. It was nice as he has a friend in Virginia Beach that he is reaching out to and let them know I am on my way.

I stopped and had dinner in Luther. Really good chicken and okra.

Traffic had slowed down considerable. The weather was warm all day, but I enjoyed it. There is a storm coming in around 7:00 a.m. it is supposed to be in the high 80’s and raining. Should be very pleasant to walk in.

I am off to Stroud tomorrow.

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