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Seligman to Ash Fork

Today is a great day. I walked from Seligman to Ash Fork, 26 miles.

Along the way, a couple drove by me and made a u-turn and came back. It was a couple, Ulrich and Dan. He was from Germany, she was from China. We talked for awhile about my travels and why. They were very friendly and Ulrich (Uli) gave me his business card and said if I was ever in Germany I had a place to stay.

Next I met Kevin. He passed me as he was going into town. A little while later he came back by me again and offered me a Powerade. He saw the police flag and was wearing a blue lives matter bracelet. He just wanted to make sure I was ok.

Along the way a group of cows kept following me. I wish I could sing; they probably would have come over to the fence.

Next I met Robert who was bicycling around the world. This was his North America portion. He was heading to the East Coast.

When I arrived in Ash Fork, I was met by retired SMPD Sgt Bob Simoneau. Bob took me to dinner and drove me to his house in Williams. I met his lovely wife, Martha. The plan is to go back to Ash Fork in the morning and start where I left off and head to Williams. Bob will pick me up again and I will stay in Williams. On Sunday, my day off, I will stay in Williams and go to church with Bob and Martha. I can’t tell you what a gift this is.

How blessed I am.

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