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Shamrock, Texas

I made it to Shamrock, TX. 21 miles today. It was kinda funny leaving the hotel today. No one was there. Not even in the office. I dropped off the keys in the key box and left. On the way out of town I stopped at the Devil’s Rope Museum. The museum was actually pretty cool. I sure learned a lot about barbed wire. As I was walking around I saw a picture on a display of a woman that was sitting in the office. Her last name was a ranch that I saw when I was walking on the dirt road yesterday. Her name is Ruth Trew. As I walked by her ranch yesterday, it was one of those places that stuck out in my mind. Her house was a considerable distance off the road and under large mature trees. It looked homey and peaceful. The gate to the entrance of the ranch was simple and exquisite.

I went in an introduced myself to Ruth. We had a great conversation about Route 66, God and her husband who is 86 and still working the ranch every day.

The walk was very pleasant. It got up to 104 in Lela, TX. As I was walking, Rodney pulled up and gave me two ice cold waters.

Upon arrival in Shamrock, I stopped at a pizza parlor. The owner said he saw me walking earlier. One of the patrons, Ronald overheard the conversation and asked if I needed any money. I told him I was fine. He put $10.00 on the table and said give it to someone who needs it. Widow and Orphans Fund is up to $236.00. Kristin his daughter with him.

Tomorrow I will cross into Oklahoma.

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