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Sightseeing in Knoxville.

Today was another good day. I was able to spend a good portion of the day with Adam Agard and his family. We drove around Knoxville and the surrounding area. Sightseeing and trying to get lost is a lot of fun in a car with fun people. It sure is a beautiful town.

After driving around we went to lunch in the Market Square. I was treated to a really good Mexican restaurant, Soccer Taco.

It sure was a treat to spend time with Adam, Cyndi, Adam Jr and Andrew. What an incredible family. I can’t wait to drive through Georgia and see their place.

I spent a lot of time going through my cart to see what I can dispose of to lighten my load. I have identified about 25 pounds that I will be mailing back to California.

I walked around this evening and found a restaurant with chicken and waffles. After dinner I found an alley that highlights some artwork. Good food and fun sights.

Leaving for Dandridge tomorrow. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. Sure enjoyed my time in Knoxville.

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