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Touching Post

Unfortunately I have six different places that I am posting about my journey. Not everyone gets to see all the posts. I wanted to share a post that was so touching to me.

The post was regarding my night I slept by two roadside memorial markers on Junction 104. That night I had the most peaceful sleep that I have had my entire trip.

The post is from Olana Romero:

I believe the two roadside memorials you mentioned included my father’s, Alvin Romero. If you slept well, I know it’s because his spirit was keeping you company and watching over you, he was that kind of a man. He never met a stranger, he never passed up an opportunity to help someone.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I was born in Las Vegas and raised in Tucumcari. Our family ranch is at Garita to Conchas, where we run some of the cows you probably saw. I’ve spent the majority of my life over those 90 miles of beautiful country, what takes an hour to two hours to drive took you days to walk, what an experience. God bless you on your travels!

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