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Trying Day

Today was a trying day. Maybe I am just getting tired. It all started with a spiritual battle in my head. In looking at my direction to the next town, it looked like my map was taking me in a longer direction. I tried to get the map to take the other route. It wouldn’t do it. I was getting so frustrated. Although I said I would follow his lead. I was fighting. I took the route that was mapped out. Even when I got to the point where the other route looked shorter, I was fighting in my head if I should take it. I didn’t and walked through some beautiful backroads. In fact I found another town I want to look at; Parrotville.

A lot of the road had a nice shoulder, sidewalk or minimal traffic. The other part was a two lane road with no shoulder and lots of people not happy with me walking in the lane. There was quite a few that were saying, “WTF” as they passed by me. I was getting frustrated and needed to get to the hotel.

I saw a groundhog as I was walking. I could sure go for watching Groundhog Day right now.

As soon as I got to the hotel, my front wheel broke. I have the parts to fix it tomorrow morning.

I made it to Greenville, TN today. 31 miles walked today.

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