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Trying to make it to the border

I just stopped after 21 miles for a supper break at a truck stop in San Jon, NM. I am going to try and make it close to the Texas border tonight. About 19 more miles to go.

Another good start today. Deputy Vallejo stopped me this morning and advised me that my post with him was shared on the Quay County Sheriff Facebook page.

Funny thing, I was going to ask my cousin Jim to get a blue lives matter baseball cap as mine has had it. Deputy Vallejo brought me a Quay County Sheriff hat. Funny how that works out.

Deputy Vallejo Had posted to the community that if they see me, stop and check on me and have a talk.

Tresa and David pulled up to me in the afternoon. They had read about me on the Sheriff Facebook page. They gave me six bottles of water and two cold mango ice teas. They gave me great suggestions on travel routes, what truck stop to go to and stay away from the dirt roads as the rattlesnakes are huge out here. I am taking their advice.

Walking along Route 66 I saw some more wild horses. Beautiful group of horses.

I had to chuckle as John and Floyd told me to stop at the Big Texan in Amarillo for dinner. I passed a sign that said it was two hours driving distance. That is six days for me.

Finally, careful for what you wish for. I was asking Ira when I was going to hit the flatlands and get out of the hills. I am here and I miss the hills.

Today it reached 106. I am going to stay in the truck stop for a little bit.

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