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Unconventional path

I left Winslow and made it to Joseph City. I walked 28 miles today. It was unconventional, but a blast.

As I left Winslow I stopped into Las Maria’s and had my third meal there. Incredible Steak Rancheros today.

When I got to the area I was going to have to walk on I-40, I called Dan Rice to confirm an alternate route. As I was speaking with him, Charles from ADOT, pulled up next to me and made sure I had enough water. He proceeded to hand me two bottles. Dan thought it was funny to actually hear one of these kind gestures he has been reading about.

Dan showed me on the map the alternative route. Needless to say I got really lost, missed the cut-off and walked deep into reservation land. I encountered three locked gates. All I can say is Dusty and Annette would be proud that I broke the rules and made it through.

I arrived at the Jack Rabbit Trading Post. I spoke with the proprietors, Tony and Cindy. They are both pro-law enforcement. If you have the opportunity to visit, they are off exit 269. Great place to visit and get Route 66 trinkets. After speaking with them for awhile, they bought me a soda and Gatorade. I gave them a challenge coin. Very nice couple.

I am currently having dinner in Love’s truck stop. Getting ready to go find a place to sleep.

Off toward Holbrook tomorrow.

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