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Ups and downs

Well the last day and a half has had its ups and downs. A lot more ups.

The wind started really picking up while I was in the abandoned house and dust was flying everywhere. I decided to continue walking hoping to find better shelter. Walking during the night is awesome. From 8:30 to 10:44 I only saw one vehicle. I payed down on the side of the road for about a half hour and looked at the stars. Funny who city urban life we forget about these things. The stars were awesome. It made me feel really small.

At 10:45, a vehicle passes me, reversed and came up to me. It was an older woman and she asked, “where are you walking to”? I told her Virginia. She asked if I was tired and needed to get out of the wind. I said yes. She said she lived in the next house and to stop by.

How does this happen. Who in their right mind would invite some guy walking down the street late at night to her house. Someone who has a kind and caring heart who saw someone that needed help.

Before I started this journey I made a commitment to put my trust in God. I walked into the house, she introduced herself as Shelly Ann, gave me a blanket and showed me to a room. I layer there with one eye open wondering what was happening. She didn’t ask any questions about me and what I was doing. She just went to her room and watched television. I woke up at 5:00 and told Shelly thank you for her hospitality and I was leaving. She said, “be safe”.

I walked a total of 31.7 miles yesterday.

On my walk to Ludlow, I was on a beautiful part of Route 66. I was not next to the 40 or train. It was nice and quiet. There were some water trucks doing a project near the 66. One of the drivers drove up next to me and handed me a bottle of water. He didn’t say anything and just drove off. Thanks, Fisher Sand and Gravel. A little while later , John drove up next to me and asked what I was doing. He asked if he could pull over and converse with me for about 5 or 10 minutes. After about 30 minutes, John left.

As I was walking and looking at the beautiful scenery, i had another thought of what my life will be about. I don’t want to get by, I don’t just want to survive. I want to live a life where I thrive.

As I got about a mile away from Ludlow, two women drove past me. They made a u-turn and came back to me. The passenger handed me a $5.00 bill and said, “ we weren’t to far from where you are”. I tried to explain and finally said thank you and God bless. I decided before I started any money I receive like this I will give to a widow and orphans fund.

I finally make it to Ludlow. I walked 19.3 miles today for a total of 50 miles in two days. And can you believe it, the only hotel is full until Friday and there are no other options. I wanted to stay in a hotel for two nights and nurse another blister. It is supposed to rain hard tonight. My only option is to go back to Barstow. So at this moment, I am trying to hitch a ride from the Chevron station. Say some prayers for a ride.

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