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Visited 76 Arms and Ammunition

I made it Yellville, AR. Arkansas is not oriented for pedestrian travel. A lot of my travel today was done by walking in the suicide lane on the four lane road. There was so much traffic and nowhere safe to walk but in the very middle of the road. I had several police officers drive by me and not say anything.

I saw a sign for a produce stand ahead. I was craving an apple. I was able to get an apple and peach. It is amazing how good fresh from the farm apples taste. And the peach was good.

I stopped to take a break at the 76 Arms and Ammunition Indoor Gun Range. I thought I would get a little practice in. I met Kevin, the owner. He is retired from law enforcement an gave me the red carpet treatment. The shop was pretty cool and the range was perfect. It was awesome to speak with him about gun laws and living in Arkansas. Definitely a great experience.

There are some beautiful areas of Arkansas that I am walking through. I hit a stretch of road that was pretty narrow and not very safe. Mark pulled up next to me as he saw me struggling to walk on the road. Where I was walking there were undulations and causing my cart to bounce around. He asked if I needed a ride to where it was safer. What a godsend. I wasn’t too far from Yellville. He dropped me off and I was able to walk to my hotel. Not risking camping outside as it is supposed to rain all night.

Tomorrow I am off to Mountain Home, AR.

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