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Walking through Tulsa

I am in Catoosa, OK. 20 miles today. It was a beautiful walk through Tulsa. It was a little warm today. My App said 100, feels like 113. I stopped at Phat Tires and got some parts for my cart. I ordered some new tires that will be delivered to Springdale.

I was getting a little perplexed with my beard. It wasn’t fun having to use 20+ napkins to wipe after eating a bite of food. I stopped in a barber shop to get a little trim. Thelma was working and trimmed my beard. She was a blast to talk with. She had so many great one liners that had me laughing. It was difficult to not laugh when she was trimming. When she finished all she asked for was a hug for payment. Her friend Shelley was inside and bantering with Thelma. It was fun to hear them interact with one another.

As I left the barber shop, I was approached by Ismael. He asked me if I wanted a hot dog and soda. Absolutely. It was awesome as his mom explained the we’re trying to give the food to some homeless people outside of a convenience store. However, the business did not want them to do that. She is trying to show her children compassion towards people. I benefited from their grace.

My feet are doing pretty good. I had one blister flare up. Not too bad.

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