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What a day

What a day. Dusty and Annette went back to Los Angeles today and my cousin came into town.

Today I had to run some errands and do laundry. After I finished my laundry I was walking to meet my cousin. On the way, a red Prius was pulling out of a parking lot. I watched as it made a u-turn and drove back towards me. The passenger rolled down the window and handed me two-five dollar bills. This brings the total for the widow and orphans fund to $88.00.

I met my cousin, his wife Patty, my aunt Judy and her significant other Grant at the Thunderbird Bar. It is an awesome visit as we went out to dinner at the Shed and Mike set me up for the night at the hotel. What a hotel, The St. Francis. A converted monastery into a hotel.

After breakfast I am heading out toward Amarillo.

What a day.

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