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What a great day

I made it to Hardy with a lot of help. The day started great and ended great. The walk was very relaxing. The road had large shoulders with plenty of room to walk.

In the town of Glencoe, I stoped at Valerio gas station for lunch. They had some incredible hamburgers and chicken. As I was eating lunch, a man came up to my table and put a $20.00 bill on the table and walked away. I only had time to say thank you and God Bless.

As I was coming into Ash Flat, I met Ginger and Mallory. They pulled over to see if I needed anything. When I told them I was going to the next town, Ginger offered to give me a ride. She had to do an errand first but would come and get me. I continued into Ash Flat and Ginger showed up. She was so awesome as she offered me use of her cabin to sleep in or just give me the ride. Since I had a place for tonight, she took me to the Dollar General in Hardy. She offered to come get me in the afternoon if I needed anymore assistance. Awesome people.

At the Dollar General I was putting my cart back together when Cindy walked up to me. She asked if I was walking across the United States. When she found out why I was doing this, we ended talking for about twenty minutes in the parking lot about God and Cops. She asked me if I wanted to go get a cup of coffee and continue talking. Absolutely. Unfortunately, the place was being remodeled and we were unable to sit down. Cindy then gave me $5.00 toward the fund. She was lovely to speak with.

Tonight I am staying with Charlie and Jerry Ann. They are the parents and grandparents of the family that invited me to their church for dinner in Pryor, OK. I am having a great time as it is almost 4:00 a.m. and Charlie and I just finished talking. I am telling you, what a great family. Donna, the daughter from Pryor had reached out to me about meeting her parents and have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. I am very blessed.

What a great day.

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